The Mushroom Brotherhood Featuring The Petty Things

September 30, 2023, at 8:00 p.m.  |  Tickets: $16-$22

The Petty Things
The music of Tom Petty spans decades. Three of his albums are among Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the Greatest Albums of All Time – Wildflowers, Damn the Torpedoes, and Full Moon Fever. Two of his songs are on the magazine’s Greatest Songs of All Time list – American Girl and Free Fallin’.

The Petty Things is a celebration of the music of Tom Petty. From his days with his band the Heartbreakers, to his super group The Traveling Wilburys, to his solo career, there is an extensive amount of music in the Tom Petty catalogue to enjoy.

The Petty Things sets the stage for The Mushroom Brotherhood with familiar songs, real instruments, and glowing tubes in the amps.

The Mushroom Brotherhood
In 1971, The Allman Brothers Band released their seminal live album At Filmore East. Containing four sides of the band’s high-watt jams, At Fillmore East instantly became a classic among fans and rock music lovers everywhere. In 2004, the Library of Congress added it to the National Recording Registry. Rolling Stone considers it one of the top 50 Greatest Albums of All Time. At Fillmore East is generally considered one of the best live rock albums ever released.

The Mushroom Brotherhood expertly recreates the sound and experience of The Allman Brothers Band and At Fillmore East with the same lineup as the Allmans – two fantastic drummers, two skilled Gibson Les Paul wielding guitarists, timpani, and percussion, and a veteran Hammond B3 player whose relationship with the Allman Brothers predates their first record deal, and who has not only written with Gregg Allman but also recorded an album and toured with Allman Brothers’ bassist Lamar Williams and drummer Jaimoe as The Sharpshooter Band.